WSILs at Valle Crucis Park, Friday, July 29, 2016

Howdy, Friends,

Just wanted to let you know that the Worthless Son-in-Laws are playing tomorrow evening at Valle Crucis Park, around 7:00 PM.

Our fifth show ever was a gig playing for the nascent Valle Crucis Music in the Park series in 2004.  There were at least 15 people there, and only nine of them left after the first three songs. Hey, it was raining.

After all these years, the Valle Crucis Music in the Park series is still free and open to the public.  Well, almost—there is the not-so-tacit suggestion of a $5 donation to the park, which you should probably cough up, because they just purchased a brand new sound system and have employed a sound tech for the weekly concert series.

We also need to let you know that our man Dave is now a bona fide Worthless Son-in-Law!  He already pretty much had the worthless part down (talk about over-qualified—Who loves ya, Dave?!), but he made himself an official hubsband this past June by getting himself hitched to a winsome young woman who amazingly has neither low self-esteem nor a degenerative eye disease.  (Who still loves ya, Dave?!)

We hope you will join us in this moment to reflect on love, family, and gratitude for the fact that Dave does not have access to the emailing list or the blog publishing interface.

As for the show at the park, don’t forget your picnic basket, food, cleverly-concealed adult beverages, chairs, blankets, kids, dogs, pigs, pigs in a blanket, etc.

In years past, it was sufficient preparation to also bring along umbrellas, rain jackets, kites, keys, aluminum ladders, portable UHF antennae, flagpoles, stilts, Wizard of Oz® official Tin Woodman costumes, that kind of thing.  But after that last storm we had a few weeks ago (yes, during a concert in the park), it has come to our attention that it might help if you bring along your chainsaw and that winch you got on craigslist five years ago but still haven’t installed on your truck.

[REDACTED: inappropriate comment about Dave buying a winch on craigslist]

Hope to see you soon!

Invite your friends.

(Seriously, congratulations, Dave.  Yer the man.)

The Worthless Son-in-Laws

Disclaimer:  If, during our performance and accompanying thunderstorm, you are on stilts and wearing a Wizard of Oz® official Tin Woodman costume, holding aloft a giant UHF antenna, we cannot be held responsible for potentially injurious or fatal natural occurrences, your awareness or lack thereof concerning weather-related cloud-to-ground charge differentials and conductivity of various metals notwithstanding. 

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