WSILs at Lost Province Tonight (Friday, May 6th)!

Dear friend,

It’s a few hours until our next show, and we’re letting you know it right now, because we know how you like spontaneity and stuff.

And since it’s Mother’s Day weekend, it’s a good time to think about your mom, and maybe you can imagine her telling you how you need to get off the internets and get out more, you know, go meet some some nice people, see some live music, eat some real food, and drink some craft beer on a Friday night like a good boy or girl should.  You spend too much time on that Wikipedia thing, and when did you get so interested in Hawaiian foot massage, anyway?  It’s not healthy.  And maybe if you sent your emails out a week earlier, honey, more people would come to your shows.

Speaking of moms, why don’t you bring yours?  This show starts at 8:00, so she can handle it. And she does love her some craft beer.

If you’re bringing Mom, you might as well bring the kids, too.  Because when your small child is asking an unsettling number of questions about monster trucks, it’s about time to get them interested in music.  We will put them onstage with a tambourine, and you can enjoy watching your child experience the joys of music, as well as watching the veins bulge out of Dave’s forehead as he tries to keep time unthwarted by your child’s unique inner-drummer. Won’t you and your mom and Dave’s mom be proud?

We hope to see you soon.

The Worthless Son-in-Laws

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