The Worthless Son-in-Laws, Jones House Concert on the Lawn, Friday, Aug. 6 and Galileo’s Sat. Aug 7

Dear Friends,

We know you need to rest up for the High Country Farm Tour this weekend, but your list of excuses for not attending the Worthless Son-in-Laws show at the Jones House this Friday, August 6 is going to be reduced by two when you find out that this show is A.) early (we play at 6:00 PM), and B.) free (no costume required).  We know the list is 8-pages single-spaced, but we have to start somewhere.  We’d love to see you. We will be playing a short set on the Jones House front porch.  Then you can go on an art crawl.

The show starts at 5:00 PM with Danny Whittington.  We don’t know anything about Danny, but we’re hoping he’s not too good, because we have to go on after him.

You might want to get there early if you don’t want any territorial octogenarians from off the mountain giving you the evil eye when you plunk your chairs down within 10 feet of their staked-out patch of grass.  If you get there first, you can give THEM the evil eye.  But let’s all try to be civil, shall we?  And when we’re done with that, maybe we can relegate the word “shall” to antiquity, where it belongs.

Hope to see you soon.

The Worthless Son-in-Laws

P.S.: While you are planning your weekend, you should know we are also playing Saturday evening at Galileo’s.  While this show is not free, it is only $5, and the money goes for a good cause, which is fighting breast cancer.  We will be joining several other bands, including our pals the High Country Neckbeard Orchestra, the Major 7’s, and the Drawlstrings.  This show starts at 6:00PM and runs until after midnight.  We start at 8:00 PM.

Disclaimer:  As we certainly hope to be territorial octogenarians one day ourselves, no actual octogenarians were purposely harmed or insulted during the composition of this e-mail.  I mean, come on, old people don’t really even have eight legs, anyway.

P.S. You seriously should consider going on the High Country Farm Tour this weekend.  It’s pretty cool.