The Worthless Son-in-Laws with Naked Gods at Boone Saloon–for a good cause–Friday, Feb 25th, 2011

Dear Friends,

You are probably going to the Boone Saloon after work today (Friday, February 25th), so instead of leaving just as you were starting to have fun, why not hang around a little longer, eat some dinner, and have a few more beers, because if you stay long enough, you will get to see some live music.  Granted, it is only yours trulles, but we will be sharing the stage with some friends of ours, a fine music-making outfit known as Naked Gods. We will play first, around 10:30.

It is o.k. if you need to go home and walk the dogs, as long as you come back later.  Lord knows we are not going to come over to your house and clean it up for you, especially in the small hours of Saturday morning.

This show is a benefit for a member of the Boone Saloon family who unfortunately has some serious medical bills pending.  The bands are helping to make up for our slack health-industrial complex by donating their take at the door, and the Boone Saloon is matching that, so your 7 bucks becomes 14 bucks for a good cause. So that’s not just one, but TWO drops in the proverbial bucket.

Not only that, but today is the Boone Saloon’s 7th anniversary, so they are having some beer specials, including Dale’s Pale pints for $2.  Dale’s Pale apparently cures pessimism, at least temporarily, so we may even try some ourselfs.

Our resident soccer fan, Mr. Dave Brewer, of Possum Jenkins/Soul Benefactor/Boone Saloon bartending fame, will again be helping to make up for our slack (some would say non-existent) percussion-industrial complex by joining us on the drums, for which we are most grateful.  It is o.k. to tip him even when he is not behind the bar.

We hope to see you there.

The Worthless Son-in-Laws

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