WSILs at Murphy’s Pub in Boone, Friday, Feb. 10th, 2017

Put on your scuba gear, ladies and gentlemen!

The Worthless Son-in-Laws are returning to Murphy’s Restaurant & Pub this Friday, February 10th.  Not only is Murphy’s Boone’s divey-est dive, but its oldest dive, according to their website.  Which is good, because we are slowly working our way toward becoming Boone’s oldest and divey-est band, and it feels good to finally be within reach of one of those seemingly-unattainable goals we set for ourselves when we first started out way back when.

Murphy’s is one of those places with a sense of history. If the walls of Murphy’s could talk, you might learn some historical things about your friends or significant others—or maybe even about your friends with your significant others—that you really didn’t want to know and certainly didn’t want delivered in a fake Irish accent.  Thankfully for us all, the walls of Murphy’s are rendered mute by an impenetrable layer of historical cigarette-smoke resin.

If that’s not enough enticement, our friend Earleine and her friends (some of whom may look awfully familiar) will be playing a set.

We’ve been hard at work (*cough*) on our next record, and during part of that process, our friend Noelle Austin from Grow Well joined us for some harmony vocals.  She is planning to reprise these fine harmonies onstage with us for this show!

Please join us.

The Worthless Son-in-Laws

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Disclaimer: Yes, we split an infinitive up there.  Deal with it.  Have you noticed the name of the band?