The Worthless Son-in-Laws at the Boone Saloon Thursday


Let’s face it: your weekend is shot.  With all this rain messing up your schedule, all you’re going to get to do is cut grass.  Or clean out the passenger side of your truck.  Or go through that Salvation Army pile when your spouse isn’t looking and put several of those old concert t-shirts back in your drawer. Or maybe go to some friends’ wedding–or maybe even your own wedding (in which case more is shot than just your weekend).

Really, the only way you’re going to get to do anything fun this weekend without having to wear fancy clothes you will never wear again is to start your weekend on Thursday, a time when that melancholy Sunday evening “I hope this hangover is gone before I have to go to work tomorrow” feeling is a long, long way away.

So, how does it work?  Well, the first thing you do is put on some comfortable clothes that you don’t mind someone spilling beer on, like that Black Sabbath shirt you just rescued from the Salvation Army pile. Then, on Thursday night, you head down to the Boone Saloon to see the Worthless Son-in-Laws.  The show starts at about 10:30 PM, but it’s good if you get there a little earlier so that you can hear what your friends are saying when they talk to you. If they feel like you are listening to them, they are more likely to buy you a drink.

Then, later on in the weekend, while you are sitting there trying to forever hold your peace, you can think “at least I already did something fun this weekend where I got to wear my Black Sabbath shirt. And I saw the Worthless Son-in-Laws, too.”

See you at the Saloon…

The Worthless Son-in-Laws

P.S. Just so’s you knows, we have put up another (free) mp3 on our Listen page.  It’s a drum-less practice room version of our new song “(My Pocketknife Says) Life is Strange.”  The track is also posted on our facebook page.  If you’d like us to send the mp3 file to you directly over e-mail, reply to this e-mail with the word “mp3” in the subject line, even though that is not really a word.  There is also an article in the High Country Press.

P.P.S.  Also, if your weekend is not really shot, and you would like to shoot at least some of it, come out Friday evening to the Relay for Life thing at the (current) Watauga High School stadium.  Rob and Jimmy will be doing a short acoustic set from around 6:15-7:00 PM before the opening ceremonies.




WSiL at the Watauga County Farmers’ Market Saturday June 12

Dear friends, pets, and embarrassed family members,

In case you didn’t know, in New Zealand they have this thing called the “Young Farmer Contest” in which several young farmers from around the country compete for hefty prizes, scholarships and a manly vehicle of some sort–and it’s all televised. Kind of like American Idol, except for farmers.

Whereas your average American Idol participant doesn’t really know what “idol” means and thinks that that is kind of a big word even though it only has four letters, these young kiwi farmers have serious competitions in which contestants may have to build a fence, run a portable sawmill, vaccinate a herd of sheep, or fix a tractor or some other piece of equipment within a certain period of time. The quiz portion of the show even includes math questions.

Let’s just say there would be a lot fewer contestants for Simon Cowell to send home crying, or at least a higher proportion of nerds to send home crying, if aspiring American Idols had to take a math quiz.

While it is true that we have no idea how well the young kiwi farmers can sing, we can at least be reasonably sure that they do not need J-Lo to guest coach their wardrobe selection, and so far none of them have mentioned anything publicly about pants on the ground.

The reason we are talking about farmers is that this Saturday, and pretty much every Saturday (and every Wednesday) this summer, you have a chance to meet some real farmers, right here in Watauga County, at the aptly named Watauga County Farmers’ Market.  And while the probability is low that any of them are from New Zealand, and while not all of them are young, they do know a thing or two about growing things (or fixing a tractor). You can also meet some fine craftspeople, nurseryfolk, caffeinated beverage purveyors, online calendar celebrities, and your neighbors (who really would like to have a word with you about your propensity to spy on their consumption habits and who have been saying around town that your “cloth” grocery bag is really made out of polypropylene).

And this Saturday, June 12th, from about 8:30 AM to about 11:00 AM, you can also meet (or hurry past at a safe distance) some local folk-indie-rock musicians, some of whom are us.  Don’t ask us any math questions, and we won’t sing about pants–deal?

Hope to see you there.

Your pals,
The Worthless Son-in-Laws