The Worthless Son-in-Laws at Jones House, Murphy’s, and Todd Park

Dear Friends,

The Worthless Son-in-Laws will be playing not one, not two, but three outdoor shows this weekend, which not only means plenty of rain for the garden, but also that you will need to come up with three good excuses to avoid seeing us if you are planning to avoid hurting our moms’ feelings. (If you’re spending some extra time having that “10-4, Good Buddy!” tattoo removed, shopping for a 42″ flat-screen TV for your parole officer, or googling how to delete pictures of yourself in a towel you accidentally tweeted, you’re golden; otherwise, we hope to see you.)

FYI, Rob just spent a few weeks in Bulgaria, and we are fully expecting him to emerge from his absinthe fog before the Jones House gig this evening.  He can still play guitar, but we will be a lot less concerned as soon as he starts speaking English and eating solid food again.  And, to be honest, the barking is getting a little annoying.

The shows are as follows:

Jones House Concert on the Lawn, 5:00 PM Friday June 17th (Jeff Luckadoo at 5:00, we follow around 6:00)

Murphy’s on the back deck, around 7:00 PM Friday June 17t

Todd Music in the Park Series, 5:00 PM (note new time), Saturday June 18th (King Bees will follow us around 7

See you soon.

The Worthless Son-in-Laws

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The Worthless Son-in-Laws at the first Wednesday Watauga County Farmers’ Market this AM, June 1, 2011

Howdy, Friends,

A three-piece version of the Worthless Son-in-Laws will be playing this morning from 9-11AM at the first Wednesday Watauga County Farmers’ Market of the season, now in its new location in the KMart parking lot during its new morning hours.  We will be helping to save energy by being totally off the grid for this performance. Admittedly, this was more of a circumstantial thing than the result of any benevolence toward the environment on our part, but happily, it matches with our general feelings of benevolence toward the environment and also happens to temporarily relieve us of the responsibility of carrying a bunch of heavy sound equipment.

As shopping at the farmers’ market is also good for the environment in more ways than there is sufficient space to enumerate here before we’ve had coffee, we invite you to join us.

Hope you can stop by.

The Worthless Son-in-Laws