Dear friends,

Just wanted to say hello and let you know of some upcoming shows and developments happening with the Worthless Son-in-Laws.

First, we should mention that we have a new drummer, the amazing Lucas Bowman, whose progress as a geography grad student we have greatly hindered by making him spend time with us instead of studying.  Don’t let his student status fool you–this man can play some drums.

Music news, from Representative Cullie Tarleton’s legislative bulletin: “The Truth in Music Advertising Act has gone into effect in North Carolina (S.B. 634 – S.L. 2009-284). The act prohibits a music group to falsely advertise or perform under the name of another group,…and  imposes a civil penalty of not less than $5,000…per violation.”

In a related note, we will no longer be performing as “The Dave Matthews Band.”

On January 16th, Rob and Jimmy will be participating in a special “songwriters in the round” show with Dave Desmelik and David Brewer.  Dave Desmelik is from the Asheville area, and you may have heard him on WNCW lately.  David Brewer is a member of local favorites Possum Jenkins.  We are honored to be performing with these two fine songwriters.  This show is tentatively scheduled to be at the Dragonfly Theater in Boone.

Be a pal:
As technologically challenged as we are, we actually have pages on myspace and facebook, and we even have a twitter account (that, admittedly, we don’t use much).  If you do any of these things, please find us and be our “friend.”  As a practical matter, the more people we have on there, the easier it is to convince booking people to let us play at their venues.

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