Worthless Son-in-Laws with Sentry and High Country Neckbeard Orchestra at Galileo’s Saturday

Dear Sirs and Madams,

Just announced…a show at Galileo’s this Saturday with our new pals Sentry and our conjoined-at-the-drummer siamese twin, the High Country Neck-Beard Orchestra.

You didn’t want to go to Merlefest anyway.  And you don’t need Goldman Sachs’ mad math skillz to figure that the $50+ you’re saving on a ticket will buy a LOT of beverages at Galileo’s. And maybe even a grilled cheese to boot.

Things will probably get started sometime around 9 or 10.

You can RSVP at the Facebook event page.

Poster here: http://www.soninlaws.com/posters/100501%20galileo’s%20poster.pdf

With gratitude,
The Worthless Son-in-Laws