2nd Annual High Country Holiday Throwdown

Dear Friends,

Just to show that we completely lack any semblance of consistency, we are giving you actual advance notice of an upcoming show.  This may come as a surprise, since no one has ever accused us of being advanced.

Anyway, we are playing a short set at the Saloon of Boone, otherwise known as the Boone Saloon, on December 14th, 2012.

This here show is actually a large benefit production called the 2nd Annual High Country Holiday Throwdown featuring several bands, including Pot Luck, Soul Benefactor & Friends, The Brown-Eyed Handsome Band, us, and more. The cover will be $5, which will go to local charities and Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.  No part of the money will be used to pay for Gangnam-style dance lessons for our rhythm section, like last time.

Given the number of bands playing, the show starts EARLY, and we are slated to go on first, at 9:00 PM (!)

Please go to the Facebook event page here:
http://www.facebook.com/events/136880136459722/ for more details and to invite your friends.

The Worthless Son-in-Laws