WSILs at Twigs in Blowing Rock Saturday, Jan. 14th

Dear friends, lovers, confidantes, hangers-on, Monday man-crushes, Wednesday woman-crushes, Tuesday two-toed sloth-crushes, throwback-Thursdayers, weekday-order warriors, temporary mini-igloo dwellers, mildly-dismayed family members, and occasionally-engaged acquaintances,

Happy New Year!  

We hope it’s far enough along into 2017 that your new year’s resolutions have already gone the way of representative democracy in America and that you now have the freedom to go ahead and do whatever thing it is that isn’t necessarily good for you but that you really wanted to do in the first place and were going to end up doing eventually anyway.  Especially if one of those things was hanging out at bars in Blowing Rock.

Because that’s exactly what we plan to do this Saturday, January 14th from 9 pm to 1 am at Twigs (which is, as you may have suspected, a bar in Blowing Rock (or rather, a restaurant in Blowing Rock that has a bar in it, if one of your resolutions was to be annoying).  And while the term ‘Blowing Rock bar’ might conjure up images of Realtors lounging around on black-vinyl-padded chrome bar stools and checking themselves out in wall-sized mirrors amid a fantasy of 80’s decor, Twigs is actually a cozy little place with lots of sticks.  Er, twigs.  Well, not to nitpick too much, but those are sticks.

We will be occupying the little alcove in the back by the bar; you, hopefully, will be sitting in comfortable chairs comfortably enjoying comfort food and comfort beverages and letting those resolutions gently slip away with likely minimal consequences other than a strangely pleasant ebbing of unnecessary tension and a sense of financial security brought on by the knowledge that there was no cover charge.

For you trivia buffs, this will be our first Worthless Son-in-Laws show of 2017.  Please make it yours, too!


The Worthless Son-in-Laws

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