The Worthless Son-in-Laws at Galileo’s Tonight (Tues, April 24, 2012) w/Folk and Dagger, Corporate Fandango

Dear Friends,

In an attempt to pay off just a smidgen of our huge karmic debt, we like to perform for a good cause every now and then.  We will be playing at Galileo’s this evening (Tuesday, April 24th) with our friends Folk and Dagger and Corporate Fandango at a benefit put on by Psi Chi at ASU.

It will be cheap to get in($3), and proceeds from the door and from raffle tickets ($2 each) will go to the Western Youth Network, so you can feel good about helping your community and have a good time at the same time (you Ayn Rand types can focus on trying to win a prize for yourself and having a good time at the same time). Some of you can have a good time just being psychology nerds–you know who you are.

Things start happening around 8 PM, and more info is here:
We are set to play at 9-ish. Please invite your friends.

Hope to see you tonight!

The Worthless Son-in-Laws

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