The Worthless Son-in-Laws and the Major Sevens at the Boone Saloon, Saturday, January 28, 2012

Dear Friends,

Now that the holidays are pretty much over (well, for most folks–I did see not one, but two, different vehicles this week with wreaths still attached to their front bumpers), and even though the days are getting longer, and even though the temperatures have been about 10 degrees above normal, we are entering the full-on winter doldrums.  (We always try to look on the bright side.)

Fortunately, there is a remedy: setting and achieving personal goals, providing you with a sense of accomplishment, which in turn provides you with a boost of confidence, which in turn makes you more attractive to those around you, most of whom will be wondering: ‘why is that dude/tte smiling during this faculty meeting? S/he doesn’t even have headphones on!’

Well, see, New Year’s Eve is gone, but you still need to honor your New Year’s resolutions to get out more, and the Worthless Son-in-Laws are happy to help you get out by playing a show this Saturday, January 28th, at the Boone Saloon.  You should also be able to kill two birds with one stone by concurrently fulfilling one of your other resolutions (the one about drinking more beer).  We will be splitting the bill with up-and-coming local favorites the Major Sevens.

If you also made resolutions about playing more pool, eating more seasoned fries, trying to watch more sports in rock bars, or just doing more smiling and nodding while pretending you just heard what your friend said, we’ve got you covered for that, too!  And that one about exercising more?  Even if you only dance during the slow songs, we’ll let you count it as your exercise for the day.  O.k, the week, then.

Mr. Dave Brewer of Possum Jenkins fame will be manning the drums.  (By the way, Possum Jenkins have just released an excellent new album called Carolinacana, which you should definitely check out–see

It is most likely that we will play first, around 10:30 or so, and that the Major Sevens will play after us.  Please tell your friends, invite your friends, and beg your friends to come.  It will make them feel loved.

Hope to see you there.

The Worthless Son-in-Laws

P.S. You can help us spread the word about this show (and decorate your office/hallway/home/truck/yurt) by printing out and putting up a poster you can download here. (Do not print this poster if you have giraffobia.)

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