WYN Benefit at Galileo’s, Thursday, April 3, 2014

O.k., Good Peoples, here’s the deal:
The Worthless Son-in-Laws are playing tonight (yes, tonight—I know, don’t give me that look) at Galileo’s for the annual Western Youth Network (a charitable group helping youths in the High Country) benefit hosted by Psi Chi (a shady cartel of pre-owned-home-tanning-booth merchants intent on passing themselves off as the National Honor Society in Psychology, and getting away with, too, it by inviting bands with professors in them to play their fundraisers).  We will be joined by our friends Folk and Dagger, another band which, like us, has hidden an ASU professor or two within its ranks as part of some kind of witness-protection deal.

Basically, it’s old nerds playing music for young nerds for a good cause—who could ask for more?

Our rhythm section will be indisposed this evening (they said something about tonight being the only time they’d have this week to organize their Netflix queues and take the recycling), but we are not holding it against them too much, because we are hoping to make up for their absence by have a special guest (or two) playing with us. Noelle, one half of the excellent local duo Grow Well, will be joining us on vocals and banjo and tap shoes. Not only does Noelle sound great, but she will significantly lower the average age of the band, to boot.

So please come out and support Western Youth Network and listen to some live music.  (And feel free to let any of-age Psi Chi members buy you a beer, but when they start talking about how you’ve been looking a little pale lately, it’s time to leave—don’t say we didn’t warn you.)

Apparently, there will be raffles and stuff.  You may even win a gift certificate worth $10 toward a slightly dented home tanning booth!  Or not.

Festivities start at 10:00 PM sharp. Facebook event page here.

The Worthless Son-in-Laws

Disclaimer: No one made you read all the way to the bottom of this unnecessarily lengthy post only to find out there are no coupon codes anywhere within the entire thing. That was solely a result of your misplaced hopes and dreams.

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