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This is just general news, etc. To see upcoming performance dates and info, click here.

July 2015:

Happy Summer, friends. This month we'll be back at the Boone Saloon on July 3rd for the annual Brewer's Big Badass Birthday Benefit Bonanza, with us and a host of other bands and special guests, including our friends the Rubber Checks, Soul Benefactor and the George Jonestown Massacre. Proceeds will go to the A.M.E.N. Corner. We will also be back for our annual visit to Valle Crucis for its Music in the Park series on Friday July 31st. For those of you who like streaming music, we are on Spotify. You can even click on the "LYRICS" link at the bottom of the Spotify window if you want to sing along. As always, please check our show listings for more information and other upcoming dates.

May 2015:

We've got three dates in May, the 2nd, the 7th, and the 29th. First up, we hit the Village Vision Festival in Boone on Saturday afternoon of May 2nd, joining our friends the Lazybirds, Possum Jenkins, and Melissa Reaves. You can get advance tickets (or volunteer in exchange for a spot on the guest list) here. On Thursday the 7th we join Knoxvillian roots country band Guy Marshall at the Boone Saloon. On May 29th we are out on the lawn at the Best Cellar/Ragged Gardens Inn in Blowing Rock. Please check our show listings for other upcoming dates. If you missed our show at Lost Province in April, here's a sample (joining us on saxophone is David Galloway; joining us on percussion are various cute kids):

April 2015:

We are starting to get things cranked back up here in Boone as the days get slightly longer--writing some new songs and adding dates to the calendar. First up is a return to the Lost Province Brewing Company in Boone on Saturday, Arpil 18th, from 8-11 PM. We had a stellar time there in January and hope you will join us this time around. Up next will be a performance at the Village Vision Festival in Boone on Saturday afternoon of May 2nd, joining local luminaries such as our friends the Lazybirds, Possum Jenkins, and Melissa Reaves. You can get advance tickets (or volunteer in exchange for a spot on the guest list) here. Please check our show listings for other upcoming dates.

January 2015:

Working on a bunch of new things. One show this month, at Lost Province in Boone. It will be our first show there, and we are looking forward to it. We will play at a reasonable time for all you old folks--8-11 PM. Just for the hell of it, we submitted a video audition for NPR's Tiny Desk Concert series, in which we played a stripped down version of one of our new songs, "Guardian", from behind a desk. You can check it out here:

December 2014:

One show this month, with a trio version of us (Rob, Jimmy, Dave) playing at Twigs in Blowing Rock. Come see us, and otherwise have a fine holiday season.

November 2014:

We are taking a short hiatus in November. We hope you all have an excellent Thanksgiving. Our friend garagerockgirl63 recently put up several videos from our recent performance at the Willow Tree Coffeehouse & Music Room. Please check out our new song "Guardian" here:

October 2014:

First off, this month, we will join many fine musicians and friends for the inaugural Carolina Ramble & Reunion. Facebook page for the Ramble is here. We will also be joining the Appleseed Collective for a show at the Boone Saloon on October 9th. We will head to Johnson City on October 10th for our first show at the Willow Tree Coffeehouse & Music Room. We will be joined by Karla Diller for that one. As always, see the upcoming shows page for more info.

We recently put up an old video of us soundchecking at the Linville Falls Winery, and here it is:

September 2014:

We're taking September off from playing out, but that doesn't mean we're not busy. Mostly we are getting ready for the inaugural Carolina Ramble & Reunion. The festival takes place in Bethel, North Carolina on Saturday, October 4th and will feature our pals Possum Jenkins, Wurlitzer Prize, Molly McGinn, Soul Benefactor, and more. And, oh yeah, us. It goes from 12 noon to 10 PM; there will be a limited number of free camping spots, stuff for kids to do (under 12 get in free with adult). Tickets are available online and are limited to only 200, so get yours, like, now! Facebook page for the Ramble is here. As always, see the upcoming shows page for more info.

In case you haven't seen our video for "Origin" yet, here it is:

August 2014:

Dear people, thank you for visiting. August is shaping up nicely. Our new official video for "Origin" from No. 8 Wire is online. See it here! Also, looks like we will get another chance to play Valle Crucis Park after our major rainout. Please join us there Friday, August 22nd. And don't forget about the High Country Beer Fest on August 30th with us, Cary Hudson and Grayson Capps, and Jimbo Mathus and the Tri-State Coalition, on August 30th--that's Labor Day weekend, y'all. This year it's at the High Country Fairgrounds. Get tickets at Peabody's or online. See the upcoming shows page for more info.

July 2014:

Five shows this month—one in Asheville, and the rest right here in good ol' Watauga County. Two outdoors and three in bars. Three early and two late-night. One solo and four with full employment. See the upcoming shows page for more info.

June 2014:

You can't beat summer here in the High Country of North Carolina; we love playing outdoors. Please note that we had a schedule change--our Best Cellar show is now on July 11th. As always, visit our upcoming shows page for the current schedule.

May 2014:

Howdy, y'all. We're still kicking. A good handful of shows in the relatively near future, so get your calendar out and click here. Much obliged.

February 26th, 2014:

New shows added. See here and here.

December 8th, 2013:

As promised, our new video. To win a free download of our new album, visit our Facebook page to see the contest associated with the video.

December 5th, 2013:

Rob is using his video wizrardry [sic] to put the finishing touches on a new video for "And Now for the Good News." We will annouce a link to the video and an associated contest on our Facebook page soon.

October 14th, 2013:

Along with Patty Larkin, Mandolin Orange, the David Mayfield Parade, et al, we've got a song featured on Freight Train Boogie podcast #229 here.

October 8th, 2013:

Nice review at babysue....

September 13th, 2013:

New blog post--some history....

September 12th, 2013:

We won't be playing a show there, but some of us will be at the Americana Music Festival and conference in Nashville next week seeing lots of great performers...Info .

August 22nd, 2013:

Some nice reviews of our new album have been popping up. Here are a couple:
The Alternate Root
The Mountain Times

To purchase the new album (or any of the songs, which may also be purchased separately), please visit:
No. 8 Wire by The Worthless Son-in-Laws

July 22nd, 2013:

We have new CDs in hand (!) and are shipping them to our pre-order customers. If you want one, too, you can click the "buy" link on the player above.

July 9th, 2013:

We are playing this Friday evening on the lawn at the Best Cellar/Inn at Ragged Gardens in Blowing Rock, 5:30-8:00 PM. Bring a chair. Beer & wine available. And it's free. Please see our upcoming shows page for details.

June 14th, 2013:

We are playing this evening at Honeybear Campground in Boone, 8-10 PM. Please see our upcoming shows page for details.

Also, this:

June 11th, 2013:

We have just posted an important new blog post. If there is such a thing. Please see it here.

May 13th, 2013:

We are playing both Friday and Saturday evenings this weekend, and the shows are relatively early, so you can still go to bed at a reasonable hour or start your late night early. One show is free, and the other requires you shell out the big bucks (but it's for a good cause). Please see our upcoming shows page for details.

April 27th, 2013:

We have just finished mixing our new record with Mitch Easter down at the Fidelitorium in Kernersville, NC, and we are quite excited about it. It will be mastered soon, and we should be on schedule for an early summer release. We have added quite a few more shows, please see our upcoming shows page for more details, and mark your calendar accordingly...

January 14th, 2013:

We hope everyone is having a fine 2013 so far. We have the basic tracks for our new record in good shape and are currently working on some final auxiliary tracking. A few dates announced--we are heading back to Asheville (finally!) at the beginning of March (French Broad Brewing Company, March 2nd). We are also planning to play the annual WYN fundraiser at Galileo's in Boone, sometime in April. Stay tuned and see our upcoming shows page for more details.

December 14th, 2012:

Had another great session last weekend at the Fidelitorium in Kernersville, NC, recording with our musical hero and former Let's Active frontman, Mitch Easter. New shows announced for this evening and New Year's Eve.

May 24th, 2012:

Hey, y'all. We have just confirmed some studio dates for June, when we will begin to record our next album. We are super-excited about getting our new songs down. More details to come.

April 24th, 2012:

New blog post.

January 25th, 2012:

Hey, y'all. We are getting excited about our show this Saturday at the Boone Saloon. We have just confirmed that local up-and-comers the Major Sevens will be joining us for this gig. We will probably go on first, around 10:30, and the Major Sevens will follow around midnight. Help us spread the word: you can print out posters for this show: 11x17 pdf (1.6M) here. 8 1/2 x 11 pdf (1.6M) here. Facebook event page here Hope to see you there.

January 14th, 2012:

Happy New Year, everybody. Announcing an upcoming show, here--we will be at the Boone Saloon in a couple weeks, on Saturday, January 28th. Dave Brewer on the drum kit. By the way, Dave's band Possum Jenkins have just released an excellent new CD called Carolinacana. Check it out.

December 20, 2011:

Happy Holidays, y'all. Hope everyone has a good one and a safe one. Just to get on Santy's good side, we recorded a Christmas Carol, available for free download here: Angels We Have Heard on High.

November 29, 2011:

Most if not all of us will be participating in an event this Sunday, December 4th, 2011, called the High Country Throwdown, at Galileo's starting a 4:00PM. More info here: High Country Throwdown.

November 20, 2011:

Greetings. Our schwanky new web site is up, obviously. Picking songs for the next album and making decisions about recording studios, budget, etc. Playing and learning some new songs in the meantime, maybe even a Christmas song. We always try to keep our most accurate upcoming show information here on the official site (like right now, when there are none), but for random silliness and occasional useless facts and unintentionally rude comments, view our blog or click on one of the "social" media sites below. We should admit that sometimes the rudeness isn't really unintentional. Like, if we are discussing MySpace, for example.

We hope everyone has a fine Thanksgiving.